Winter in-home session at Rochester Hills, Michigan

There was a day on a winter morning when a white tigress named Sprinkle appeared at the door of two little girls’ house.

Sprinkle had a pink bow around her neck, and attached to the bow was a pompous cream-colored envelope. Elise screamed, “Mommy, mommy! Come see the tiger that showed up at the door with a note! Is she going to be ours? We should get her inside!” Claire added: “She must be cold, Mommy!”.

Mom put on her snow boots before grabbing her green coat and walked out across the yard toward the sidewalk, where Sprinkle was waiting with sweet eyes. Mom approached gently, painting the spirit of friendship and waiting for a movement from the tigress. She then lay down at the mother’s feet and placed her head on her crossed paws. The mom touched his black and white fur like a child.

The tigress smiled and the envelope next to the bow magically opened.

On it the written message said that a shy traveler would like permission to land at her house this January morning. The signature was: Snow. Mom smiled and waved to the gals. “Girls, she’s bringing a message from the snowlady! She wants to visit us today!”.

The girls smiled and watched their mom and tigress enter the house together. In the kitchen, they made hot chocolate, read some books and the snow fell outside painting the tiger girls’ morning.

In-home Family Sessions

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