The Krueger Family and the Green House

There are some small things that seem unimportant to the eye, but they are like treasures. Small details that awaken a specific part of us among all the thousands of experiences we carry. Nostalgia can live within people, but also beyond them and time. A cherry tree, for example. In Alison’s cozy home, a row of plants of different species sunbathe in front of the living room windows. Among them, a small cherry tree. Good memories with my father come to mind, from the search for cherry tree seedlings to plant in the field to their beauty, large and ready to bear fruit, after 2 years.

Happiness is such a thing.

Watching a family share space with the calm green of plants and walls brings me peace. I move between the furniture and toys as I watch a happy little boy run from mom to dad and daddy to grandpa, excited to be among them. And someday he’ll see somewhere these records of when Grandpa came to visit him his first winter in Michigan. Mom will tell him how he loved that Grandpa made a funny sound with his mouth and he will create his own nostalgia.

In-home Family Sessions

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